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  • Fine Arts' educational importance

    In Kansas and most of the United States, schools’ fine arts programs are receiving  severe budget cuts. However, they are vital to students’ education. There are so many things that people can benefit from fine arts programs like music, art, photography, theater, and graphic design. The arts are what makes us most human.

    According to the KATY Independent School District, there is data that supports the belief that participation in fine arts is a key component in improving students’ learning in all academic subjects. It also says that fine arts programs reduce the amount of student dropouts, raise student attendance, develop better team players and enhance creativity. Fine arts also improve fine motor skills and emotional balance.

    The arts also have other benefits besides those that are academic based, like promoting self-esteem, motivation, cultural exposure and emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity. In a study by Burton in 1999, after studying more than 2,000 students, researchers found that those in a fine arts program were far superior in creative thinking, self-concept, problem solving, self-expression, risk-taking and cooperation than those who were not.

                We need fine arts programs in our schools to not just help students academically but to help them emotionally. These programs will not only make students’ lives happy and more enjoyable, but they will also help to shape better people in our world.
    Posted May 1, 2017, 6:27 AM by Makenna Beesley
  • Students should avoid taking out student loans

    When you are thinking of college and its expenses, what is the first thing you do? For some, it is to apply for financial aid, scholarships and student loans. All students are required to complete the FAFSA form for the federal government. Those students who qualify are offered grants, and most students and/or their parents are offered loans. While it might be tempting to accept loans, I think they are something to avoid. Did you know that roughly 70 percent of college graduates graduate with student loan debt?

    Student Loan Hero gathered statistics from graduates of the class of 2016, and the average student loan debt was around $37,000. That number rose 6 percent from the year before and is expected to rise again in 2017. As deep in debt as this country already is, I don’t like the idea of adding my name to the list of 44 million people who have student loan debt. I think that it’s okay to try to find aid in the form of scholarships and grants when you don’t have the money on hand, but getting into debt for a degree you might not use right after college seems a little silly.

    Scholarships and grants are your best bet to get free money for college, and they give you a chance to build wealth. Building wealth will give you a chance to save more money for the next year and so on until you graduate. Applying for loans should be avoided as much as you can and if you do get one, make sure it’s small enough that you can pay it off quickly. You might have to work a little harder to get the money, but if you can graduate debt-free then it would be worth it.
    Posted Apr 19, 2017, 11:17 AM by Mary Berntsen
  • The benefits of reading

    While reading can sometimes be boring and tedious, it can also be very beneficial. Reading can have many positive aspects. According to an article on Reader's Digest, it gives muscle to your memory, relieves stress, boosts your vocabulary, improves empathy, can encourage life goals, helps you get more connected and can brighten your day.

    Reading also has the ability to keep your brain young. According to a recent study from Rush University Medical Center, adults who spend their downtime doing intellectual activities (like reading) had a 32 percent slower rate of cognitive decline later in life than those who didn’t. Another study by Robert S. Wilson, Ph.D., professor of neuropsychology at Rush University Medical Center, said that older adults who regularly read or play mentally challenging games are two and a half times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.

    I personally like to read if it is an interesting book or subject. I think the reason why most people don’t like reading is because they can’t find something that interests them. Some people don’t like to read because they think they are too slow, while other people think they just aren’t good at reading.

    I believe that if people want to succeed in something, they should practice. So, if you are one of those people who don’t believe they are “good” at something, I encourage you to practice at it everyday. It doesn’t have to be very long, but if you try at it, you will eventually see improvement overtime. Also, if you can’t find something that interests you, you could ask a librarian so they could try and help you find something that suits your interests.

    Reading is crucial to succeeding in most things. Not only does it help you become smarter, but it also is good for your brain and could possibly benefit your mental health in the future. Overall, I would encourage everyone of all ages to find something that interests them and to read more. It could help you now and in future circumstances to come.

    Posted Apr 19, 2017, 8:47 AM by Madelyn Koester
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  • Disney remakes a ‘tale as old as time’

    Image result for beauty and the beastDisney’s newest remade live action film, “Beauty and the Beast”, was a hit in box offices for a reason. Emma Watson was a perfect Belle, with her partner Dan Stevens as the Beast. This remake of a favorite classic didn’t disappoint, from the witty banter between Lumiere and Cogsworth to the plights of Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou. Even though the producers had to change and add elements to this story, they were so well integrated, it was sometimes difficult to tell if they’d been in the original or not.

    The basic plot is the same, with the opening telling the story of a wicked prince who is cursed for not helping an enchantress, who turns him into a beast and places a spell on the castle and everyone who lived there. Belle is then seen in the village years later, with Gaston trying to woo her and Belle’s father leaving for the market. We then see the beast for the first time, and Belle takes her father’s place as prisoner. The familiar story continues from there, where despite her fears, Belle becomes friends with the enchanted staff at the castle, and learns to look past the beast’s terrifying exterior, which allows her to see the kind heart and soul of the prince that’s hidden on the inside.

    The makeup, costumes and special effects were amazing. It felt so realistic, and the Beast’s whole image was astounding. I found myself re-falling in love with a movie I first watched as a kid. Anyone who loved the original will love this remake as well. I especially loved the Beast’s added song, “Evermore”. I was laughing, singing along, and marveling at the whole universe that was made. For this ‘tale as old as time,’ I give “Beauty and the Beast” five out of five cardinal heads.

    Posted May 8, 2017, 11:33 AM by Makenna Beesley
  • CSHS play successful once again

    For the second consecutive year, the school and community could enjoy a spring play.  This year’s play was “The Legend of Robin Hood… Sort of”,  directed by Kacy Blake. Although I did not watch last year’s performance, I was set on watching the satire remake of Robin Hood.

    The first thing I noticed while watching the play was the perfect choice of the cast. Sophomore Caden Runnalls took on the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham, which I found to be the perfect choice. His quirky mannerisms and attitude made his scenes intriguing and funny. Sophomore Ben Doffing acting alongside as Robin Hood created a funny and playful atmosphere.

    Seniors Chloe Henderson and Michelle Willson’s experience in acting was apparent throughout the performance, with Willson portraying three characters: Friar Tuck, Seller #1, and King Richard, and Henderson acting as Witch Waye.

    Other actors included senior Matthias Doffing as King John, freshman Amy Zoglmann as Little John and junior Cassie Brozovich as Maid Marian. Like the other performers, these actors did a fantastic job as well, each one bringing their own kind of attitude and portraying each character effectively.

    The play included puns, my favorite type of humor, and a lot of dry humor. With the cast being these type of people, the play was a huge success in my opinion. Because of the humor and well executed performance, I give this performance five out of five cardinal heads.
    Posted Apr 11, 2017, 8:34 AM by Amanda Smith
  • The Founder finally tells his story
    “The Founder” is a true story about how Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman from Illinois, met the brothers Mac and Dick McDonald and turned their small burger business into the huge franchise that it is today.

    When I saw the commercials for this movie, I instantly wanted to see it. Why wouldn’t you want to see how one of the biggest businesses in the world started? It was released in theaters on Dec. 16, 2016.

    The movie begins showing us the life of Ray Kroc as he’s trying to sell a milkshake maker to several restaurants, to no avail.So, he heads back to his apartment, where we learn that Ray has tried to sell several things in the past with the aspiration that one day he would make it big. Suddenly, Ray gets a phone call from his company letting him know that a small shop called McDonald’s has ordered several milkshake makers. To his disbelief, he heads for the restaurant.

    What he finds is the first burger joint to ever use the “Speedy System”. The “Speedy System” is a carefully laid out building where every employee can move in perfect motion and make food ready for the buyer in under 30 seconds. This inspires Ray to speak to the owners of the restaurant, the McDonald brothers, about turning it into a franchise. The brothers very cautiously agree to the idea and have Ray set up plans for the country-wide expansion.

    The drama between Ray and the brothers, along with all the decisions he makes to keep the company moving, makes the movie very entertaining, and it was great to see how this massive corporation came to be. The reviews for this movie are generally pretty good, and I feel the same way. I’d rate this movie four cardinal heads out of five.

    Posted Mar 29, 2017, 8:54 AM by Zachary Schwarzenberger
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