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Be the voice they wish they had

posted Jan 14, 2016, 9:37 AM by Unknown user

As of 2014, the FBI has included an animal cruelty category to their Uniform Crime Report because it is a rising issue that has been unabated for years. According to the FBI’s website, data collection for tracking reports of animal abuse began January 2016 and will cover simple/gross neglect, intentional abuse, dog fighting and sexual abuse.

Animal Abuse is a rising issue that has been ignored for years. I think it is a good Idea that the FBI is officially taking time and effort to make sure the earth is not only a safer place for humans but for animals also. In my opinion, people see animals as lesser beings than them, but I don’t believe that. I am glad steps are being taken to prevent the harm of helpless and innocent creatures.

An interesting fact from the Humane Society of the United States is that surveys taken suggest that “those who intentionally abuse animals are predominantly male and under 30 while those involved in animal hoarding are more likely to be female and over 60.”

Not only is animal abuse prevalent in certain types of people, the FBI believes that animal cruelty is an early indicator of violent crime in criminals. 64.5 percent of abuse reports involve dogs (25 percent identified as pit-bull breeds), 18 percent involve cats and 25 percent involve other animals, according to the Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics page on the Humane Society.

Organized crimes such as dogfighting and cockfighting can result in the death of the animals, but also in homicide among humans. This brings me to my next point. The Humane Society reports that 10.2 million women and men are physically abused, and 71 percent of domestic violence victims reported that their abuser also targeted animals. Also, in investigations in the families of suspected child abuse victims, there have been traces of pet abuse also.

I believe an animal’s personality develops by how they are treated and the conditions they are put in. Dogs considered dangerous or aggressive are brought on by how they are raised and they way they are allowed to act. Yes, it can be in their genetics to be aggressive, but they can also be loving and great family pets if treated correctly. Animals don’t know any different than they are taught. Animal abuse is a continuously growing problem and needs to be addressed.