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Block Scheduling is beneficial for teachers and students

posted Feb 4, 2015, 10:52 AM by Unknown user

The block schedule would be more beneficial to the students. Block scheduling could cut back on homework and students could learn more information than what’s given in only 40-50 minute class periods. There are several forms of block scheduling:

  • A “4 x 4” block schedule, in which students take four 90-minute classes every day and finish a course in one semester rather than a full school year.

  • An “A/B” or “alternating-day” block schedule, in which students take eight 90-minute classes that meet every other day.

  • A “trimester” schedule in which students take two or three core courses at a time, with each class meeting daily, over three 60-day trimesters.

  • A “75-15-75-15” schedule in which students take four 75-minute classes every day and finish courses in a semester, with each semester followed by an intensive 15-day learning-enrichment course or remedial program. Another variation is the “75-75-30” schedule, which uses only a single 30-day intersession rather than two 15-day intersessions.

  • A “Copernican” schedule in which students have longer classes for core academic subjects during one half of the school day and shorter daily periods for electives such as physical education or music during the second half of the day. (information from http://edglossary.org)

    Personally I think the 4 x 4 block schedule would be perfect for Conway Springs. We could drop the unnecessary classes and focus on just the ones students need to graduate. We could focus on one subject and get all the necessary information for that class in one period. Then we could work on homework and get everything done. Most of the students at school have work or other activities to do after school, with the block schedule we would have less homework and more time to do other things.

    Teachers would also benefit from block scheduling. They wouldn’t be interrupted while teaching, they could give more one-on-one time to students that need the extra help, and if a student has to see a teacher every day they start to get less interested in the topic or teacher. The focus would be there for the entire time instead of worrying about the next class and when the assignment would be due. Block scheduling would benefit both the students and the teachers.