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Can money buy happiness?

posted Jan 23, 2018, 9:27 AM by Adyson Koster

Can money buy happiness? There is an apparent relationship between money and happiness, but I don’t think that you have to have money to be happy. Results from a recent survey organized by Scott Bilker said that 48 percent of adults said that money can't buy happiness, and the other 52 percent said it could.

I think it boosts your happiness to be able to provide for others or spend money on something you want. If there is a struggle to provide basic needs, it can cause anyone to stress. Plus, money seems to make you want more and more and become greedy.

Even if you had all the money in the world and you had everything, then what do you do? That stuff might satisfy you for the time being, but the feeling will go away. Money can’t buy relationships with people that actually care about you. Some might say more money brings more stress, like the possibility of being robbed or held for ransom. You might even start to care about maintaining money more than your family or your friends.

The best things in life for me are free; you have to find happiness on your own. It is something no one can buy or give to you. I would definitely choose a relationship over a material thing.

This question is a hard one to answer; everyone’s preference is different for how you fill that void, whether it’s money or relationships. I think it really does depend on the person and how they grew up and what they want to do with their money. I believe that you should find happiness in your family or a hobby, not compulsive spending to fill a hole in your life.