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discontent over Homecoming spirit days

posted Feb 24, 2015, 11:33 AM by Unknown user

Why are students and Stuco fighting so much over the spirit days? Over the past few weeks there has been discontent with the spirit days during the week of winter homecoming. Students have been dissatisfied with the spirit days because they say some of the days are too hard to dress up for and are getting mad at Stuco.

Senior Brittany Pauly, a Stuco member on the Spirit Committee, said that Stuco asked people first semester if they had any ideas for spirit days.When people gave some, Stuco voted on ones they thought would be fun for homecoming. Pauly thought that some of the days were good, but some of them were also disliked a lot by the student body.

I think that the reason for this conflict between Stuco and the student body is that students think some of the days are really hard to dress up to and nobody wants to go out to buy something that they will use only one time. Stuco is trying to pick fun days but are also trying to stick to ones that are considered appropriate in the school. Nobody is going to be happy with all the days, but I think some better ones can be chosen if Stuco talks to students about doing certain days that might be harder to dress up to before they decide to vote.