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Opt out options for students

posted Dec 16, 2015, 9:14 AM by Unknown user

In the week leading up to finals, the number one thing students are probably thinking about is which classes they can get out of. At Conway Springs High School, the official policy for opt outs is students get a maximum of three opt outs: one for getting their AR goal, two for one or fewer absences and tardies, or one for two or fewer absences and tardies.

These opt outs can help students get out of the subjects they hate or can help them keep the grades you want. However, if you have a C or worse, they are required to take that final, whether it could bring them even lower or not. To me, this has a good bit of sense in it, but it is also a little mean. If a student is already failing, then I agree that they should take that final if it could help them improve their grade. But if the student completely fails that final, then they would get an even worse grade. What is the point in possibly failing the student because they are a bad test taker or are feeling a little sick that day?

I think that the student should take the final, but if the grade on that was worse than their current grade, they could just accept their current grade as final grade for that semester.