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Phone Policy

posted Apr 30, 2015, 11:28 AM by Unknown user

This world is continuously changing, so we have to evolve with it, but when is enough, enough? Some schools have already changed their rules so that kids can have phones in school, maybe in the hallways, in AP, in class (depending on the teachers’ preference), and in some schools, kids are allowed to have their phones out whenever. You need to have your head up in class, actually paying attention. I personally don’t think you need your phone in class; however, shooting a quick text in the hallway or during AP would be fine. You don’t need it constantly.

Phones have already had a huge effect on society. Even when you are with your friends, you are looking down at your phone texting, so there is no real interaction anymore. There are so many distractions that come with having a cell phone. Instead of focusing on homework, kids are checking Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Not only that, but no matter what you do, phones are never safe.There is always a chance of someone doing something they aren’t supposed to or posting something they shouldn’t and getting into trouble. With a cell phone, you are open to all kinds of things that would be impossible without a cell phone.

There also are good things about having a cell phone, however, like staying in touch with friends that live in different places, making plans, getting ahold of parents and so on. But in school you don’t really need to be texting. According to a publication of the National Education Association, “Schools generally grapple with new technologies, but cell phones’ reputation as a nuisance and a distraction has been hard to dislodge.” Once in a while is great, but constantly having access to your phone is just a distraction. I think schools should allow kids to have their phones in the hallways and in AP, but not in class.