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Pranking can be bullying too

posted Mar 1, 2018, 9:52 AM by Unknown user

When do pranks cross the line and become bullying? One example of this is from five years ago when two NFL players of the Miami Dolphins were suspended for pulling pranks on freshman players. According to The New York Times, a rookie player was pressured into paying over $15,000 for a trip that he didn't even get to go on, was called the “big weirdo” by the upper players, and was even threatened. Later he ended up leaving the team from all the pranking.

If you prank someone and it doesn't harm them, for example like hiding someone's planner and making them find it, then its not considered bullying, but if you hide every day, and it starts to bother them, then that could lead to bullying. Pranks like the Miami Dolphins players did that make someone so miserable that they feel like they have to quit something they love, then that is considered bullying. If you prank someone with intentions to hurt them, it’s not pranking, it’s bullying.

It's important for us to realize the difference between pranking and bullying and when pranking leads to bullying. We can have fun with pranks without hurting people; we just need to know when to draw the line and what pranks are okay to perform. You also have to think about if pranking someone could harm them or if it could affect their life in any way before doing so. Pranks are practical jokes; they are not meant to torment or ruin people’s lives.