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Should schools be year round?

posted Mar 11, 2015, 10:58 AM by Unknown user

        Honestly, I wish we had year round scheduling. It would make high school fly by, which in turn would help with getting out into college and work faster. According to the National Education Association, the most common type of year round schooling is called 45-15, which means students would go to school for 45 days (9 weeks) then have a three week break (15 days).

Schools use either multi-track or single-track scheduling, meaning they put students into three or four groups to deal with overcrowding. This in turn would make more time for students and teachers to work one on one. I feel like if we went all year, the teachers would be able to plan for more information to be taught to the students. Teachers could teach more on certain subjects or events that they didn’t have time to cover.

        For example, World History teachers could spend more time on the World Wars or math teachers could spend more time going through a problem to make sure the entire class gets it. It would be a big change, which makes it unlikely to happen in Conway, but it could be beneficial for everyone involved if it did.