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Should teachers cut back on homework?

posted Jan 19, 2016, 9:56 AM by Unknown user

            One of the most common complaints from students always seems to be about homework. Whether it’s the vast amount of homework in one subject, or homework in five different subjects, students always seem to be overwhelmed with the amount of homework teachers give them. It’s hard to get three or more hours of homework done, especially if you have a job or are in sports. Students may have to stay up late at night or wake up early just to finish assignments, which then makes it tough to focus from the lack of sleep.

According to a recent survey of teachers conducted by the University of Phoenix College of Education, high school students can get up to 17.5 hours of homework per week. Homework has changed from when the older generation was in school. According to the University of Phoenix, homework is geared more toward real-world learning and career preparation, which is good, but the amount given still tends to overwhelm students.  

In my opinion, this is way too much homework. If students are playing a sport that has practice every day until 6 or 7 p.m., and then they have three hours of homework, they won’t be done until 10, not including time to eat, shower, or socialize with family or friends.

High school students also like to procrastinate. They like to watch TV or Netflix, or be on their phones. So, if students had sports practice, did three hours of homework, ate supper, and were on their phone for two hours, that means they would be up until at least midnight or 1 a.m.  With school starting at 8 a.m., and students getting up around 7 to get ready for school, that only allows for six hours of sleep. It is recommended that teenagers get around 9.5 hours of sleep, but due to schedules like this, most students get seven hours or less, according to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. With this amount of sleep, it gets hard to focus on school, and easier to fall asleep in class.

I think that teachers should cut back on the amount of homework they give their students. Yes, homework helps the teacher gauge the progress of their students and is practice for the tests, but there is way too much homework given to teenagers who need sleep to learn.