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Take the opportunity to run for Stuco

posted Apr 9, 2015, 11:11 AM by Unknown user

Spring time in high school means Stuco elections. Here at Conway Springs High School, board elections and class officer elections were recently held. In the next couple of weeks, representative elections will be held.

Stuco is a great opportunity for students’ ideas to be heard and put into action. Some of the activities Student Council hosts include fall and winter homecoming, Winter Formal, Pi day pie sales, Red and White Olympics, Battle of the Birds and teacher appreciation, to name a few.

There are several positions that students can run for without having prior experience in Stuco before. For example, any student with a year of experience and a 2.75 GPA can run for a activity representative.

According to the National Association of Student Councils, student councils give students the opportunity to become effective leaders within their schools. Being in Stuco also looks great on scholarship and college applications because it shows that you possess the ability to make important decisions and you have leadership skills.

Disadvantages do come with participating in Stuco as well. Students who are elected into Stuco will lose all of their Tuesday APs because that is when the group has their weekly meetings. Students also have to devote time outside of school to participate in activities and complete assigned tasks. Some students already have so many activities after school already, so Stuco would just be a hassle. However, many students who do other after school activities are also on Stuco.

I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Stuco is a great way to make the voices of your class heard. Without Stuco, students don’t have a voice. Be that voice.