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The Theories of the Bermuda Triangle

posted Dec 5, 2017, 9:43 AM by Unknown user

We have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, the range of sea that is from Florida to the Bermuda Islands to Puerto Rico (where the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet) and the scientific theories and the supernatural conspiracies that go along with it. The supernatural conspiracies are a long stretch from facts; people should look at facts besides looking into stuff that isn’t there.

There are many scientific theories out there. According to Livescience website, one of the theories for the boats wrecking is that a rogue wave that will appear in the middle of the ocean and engulf the boats. A rogue wave is a very large unexpected wave that reaches the surface of the ocean that can be very dangerous to even large ships such as ocean liners. The area that the Bermuda Triangle is located is a very common area for rogue waves. One of the theories for never finding remains is that in the area in which the Bermuda Triangle is located, the current is so strong that it is almost impossible to dive to look for the remains, and it is so strong it could move the remains of any ship or plane.

One theory for the aircraft malfunctions is the theory of the electronic fog; it is a grayish cloud of electronic magnetic fields that form over the ocean and causes the aircraft to malfunction, according to the Bermuda-Attractions website.

The supernatural conspiracies are a stretch to the reality of the situation-- science can at least put up a logical explanation. People just look into things a little too much rather than thinking logically about the situation.