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“Annie’s Baby”, a true story of teen pregnancy

posted Mar 27, 2018, 9:33 AM by Unknown user

“Annie’s Baby” is the diary of an anonymous 14-year-old girl telling the story of events that led up to her pregnancy at a young age.  Beatrice Sparks edited the book and is the ‘author’ of the book.

The book starts when Annie meets the love of her life, a new kid at school, who is looking for some friends that later leads to more than a friendship. Their relationship starts off perfectly — dates, spending time together, etc.— when one night, Annie goes to a party with her boyfriend, and he tries to convince her to to do things she isn’t ready for.

He gets furious with Annie and beats her, sending her home with bruises all over her body. Annie forgives him, and then one night she decides to drink around him, and he takes advantage of her while she is not aware of what is happening around her. After that night, Annie recovers what happens and takes a pregnancy test, which is positive.

“Annie’s Baby” is a good non-fiction book that tells a true story of teen pregnancy and unhealthy relationships at a young age. This book is a good example of kids trying to grow up too fast and not maturing fully before doing things they are not mentally ready for. Another good lesson is that no matter how nice a boy can seem in the beginning, his personality could change and become violent, and this book shows what signs to look for in these cases of abusive relationships.

Teen pregnancy is an issue that could happen to anyone. Teens need to be aware of the consequences they could face if they aren’t careful. Annie was 14 and too young to be able to take care of a child when she herself is still a child. Overall, this book was good, and I give it a 4 out of 5 cardinal heads.