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Cell phones should be allowed in classrooms

posted Oct 11, 2016, 9:12 AM by Unknown user

The cell phone policy, on page 14 of the planners, says the following:

“The use of cell phones and other devices capable of remote communication in the school buildings between 7:55-3:30 is strictly prohibited.”

Many students, including myself, disagree with this policy.

I believe cell phones should be allowed in classrooms because they’re a source of information, just like Chromebooks. I think we should be allowed to have our phones during class; we can put them away for tests, quizzes or whenever the teacher asks.  

Another benefit of having cell phones is that they can also be used for emergencies. If there happened to be an IOC (intruder on campus), and we were allowed to have our phones, we’d be able to get a hold of help so no one would get injured.

One reason cell phones aren’t allowed in classrooms, according to guidance counselor Louise Ronnau, is because they are a disruption to the educational process.

“I’m all for it,” Mrs. Ronnau said.  “I believe if the students are allowed to have phones, like at lunch, they’d lose their soft skills.”

However, I believe having phones won’t affect our soft skills. Having our phones during lunch won’t make us stop talking to each other, but it will give us something else to talk about.

If administrators did not want phones in the classroom, a compromise could be only allowing outside the classroom and class time.

“Phones can be used for more than just texting,” sophomore Travis Willson said. “We should be allowed to have our phones in the halls during passing periods and at lunch.”