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Collateral Beauty challenges reviews

posted Jan 25, 2017, 11:34 AM by Unknown user
        After Howard (Will Smith), a New York advertising executive, suffers the loss of his 6-year-old daughter, he retreats into himself. He ignores everything, even his friends (played by Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Michael Peña) as they try to get him to remember his life and his job, as all of their jobs are in jeopardy if he doesn’t return to his normal self. 
Howard looks for answers from the universe by writing letters to Love (Keira Knightley), Time (Jacob Latimore) and Death (Helen Mirren). When he gets personal replies, he’s furious at first, but begins to listen to these cosmos’ responses and realizes that these constants are in everyone’s lives and how even the worst losses can reveal moments of true meaning and beauty.
“Collateral Beauty” has a mind-blowing plot and touches base with things I think we can all connect with - grief, sickness, friendship, mental illness and love. This touching movie makes you think of your life and if you are living it to the full potential it should be.
        I knew I would love this movie ever since I first saw the trailer. I was at first angry when I learned that Howard’s friends wanted to prove he was crazy to get a huge business offer by hiring a private investigator to follow and record his reactions to things, even hiring actors to play Death, Time and Love. But, after each answer to Howard’s letters, I realized that his friends just wanted the best for him, and that this was what it was going to take to help him. I liked how it focused on Howard, and that each one of his friends’ lives were intertwined and you get a glimpse of each of their lives as well. I loved the ending, as it held a major plot twist I was not expecting, but I realized I needed to get closure from this heart-wrenching movie. 
        I was sad to see that most reviews for “Collateral Beauty” weren’t very good, but even with these poor and average ratings, it has still managed to make $61.2 million in the box office. I thought it was an amazing movie with a great cast, and I would give this movie five out of five cardinal heads.