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CSHS play successful once again

posted Apr 11, 2017, 8:34 AM by Unknown user

For the second consecutive year, the school and community could enjoy a spring play.  This year’s play was “The Legend of Robin Hood… Sort of”,  directed by Kacy Blake. Although I did not watch last year’s performance, I was set on watching the satire remake of Robin Hood.

The first thing I noticed while watching the play was the perfect choice of the cast. Sophomore Caden Runnalls took on the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham, which I found to be the perfect choice. His quirky mannerisms and attitude made his scenes intriguing and funny. Sophomore Ben Doffing acting alongside as Robin Hood created a funny and playful atmosphere.

Seniors Chloe Henderson and Michelle Willson’s experience in acting was apparent throughout the performance, with Willson portraying three characters: Friar Tuck, Seller #1, and King Richard, and Henderson acting as Witch Waye.

Other actors included senior Matthias Doffing as King John, freshman Amy Zoglmann as Little John and junior Cassie Brozovich as Maid Marian. Like the other performers, these actors did a fantastic job as well, each one bringing their own kind of attitude and portraying each character effectively.

The play included puns, my favorite type of humor, and a lot of dry humor. With the cast being these type of people, the play was a huge success in my opinion. Because of the humor and well executed performance, I give this performance five out of five cardinal heads.