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Dress Code

posted Oct 18, 2016, 9:02 AM by Unknown user

Dress code has been a problem in most of America. Social media has made it a controversy, and everyone is arguing about it.  Almost 60% of schools enforce a strict dress code, according to worldwide statistics. People insinuate that the dress code is more for girls than boys, considering that people seem to make more of a fuss when girls show shoulder skin, as compared to the reaction boys get. At Conway Springs High School, we do not take it as seriously as everyone else. Usually, we just wear what we can and do not argue about it, but I have noticed a problem in the fairness of the implementation of the dress code.  

Here at CSHS, the cheerleaders wear their uniforms to school. It includes a sleeveless top and a short skirt. The dancers, however, are not allowed to wear their uniform, which consists of long sleeve shirts and yoga pants, to school. The fact that cheerleaders wear their skirts but dancers cannot wear long pants is unfair and could be changed.

Personally, as a cheerleader, I love to wear my uniform. It shows my pride to be a Cardinal, and I think the dancers should have a chance to feel the same way.

“It makes me feel pretty bad [that we can’t wear our uniforms],” sophomore dancer Makenzie Curry said.   

It is not fair to the dance team not to be able to represent themselves during and after school. They only get to dance for at the most five minutes, so they deserve to represent their team.  

Others might say this problem could be solved by not letting the cheerleaders wear their uniforms, but then no one would be showing their support or representing their teams.

Dress code is always going to be a worldwide problem, but this maybe we can agree on this small change.