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First African American superhero dominates in Marvel’s “Black Panther”

posted Mar 9, 2018, 9:41 AM by Unknown user

One of the more anticipated movies this year, Marvel’s “Black Panther” hit the box offices on Feb. 16. This is the first time a Marvel movie has featured an  African American superhero, and will go down in history as one of the highest-grossing films to date. In two weeks, it has grossed more than $400 million domestically and $704 million worldwide according to The Telegraph, and it is estimated to gross over $1 billion. The estimated release date for the DVD is May 2018.

After the death of his father, T’Challa returns to Wakanda to take his place on the throne. After his coronation, T’Challa is challenged by his long-lost cousin, N’Jadaka, and T’Challa’s  rightful place as the King of Wakanda and as the Black Panther is taken. After N’Jadaka defeats T’Challa, he eats the heart-shaped herb that gives the Black Panther his powers and burns the rest, but one plant  is stolen by Nakia, T’Challa’s love interest. After being banished and thought to be dead, T’Challa, Nakia and his sister, Shuri, must infiltrate the Wakandan lab to get T’Challa’s Black Panther suit and stop N’Jadaka from transporting vibranium weapons across the world and starting a global problem.

As someone who is not a Marvel enthusiast, I really enjoyed “Black Panther”. There were plot twists, action, and romance; there’s something that everyone can relate to and be entertained by. The special effects were extraordinary and the plot kept me entertained the whole time. “Black Panther” is extremely encouraging for young African Americans as well, especially girls, as almost the whole cast is African American. All of the king’s guards are the fiercest female warriors, which gives children someone who looks like them that is seen as strong and powerful. I can see why it has become one of the highest grossing films in not only Marvel’s history, but all filmography. I give “Black Panther” five out of five cardinal heads.