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Is there too much pressure to have “perfect” bodies?

posted Feb 22, 2017, 8:40 AM by Unknown user

Nowadays, there is way too much pressure on girls to have the “perfect body.” One of the main places the pressure comes from is other people in the form of bullying. Bullying is in schools, work, on the internet - it's everywhere.

It is not even just girls; guys are feeling pressured to have “perfect” bodies as well. People often compare themselves to celebrities and models in magazines and on social media. Another reason common among teens is that because of puberty, they do not like the way their bodies developed.

All of this pressure for “perfect” bodies causes so many problems. People start to develop eating disorders, hurt themselves and start to have all kinds of other mental disorders. News Medical says that 75 percent of women report having an eating disorder.

People can be very judgemental and are often too hard on other people. I believe people should not be so judgemental. If someone is happy with their body, then let them be happy.

NEDA Feeding Hope gives the following things you can do to help prevent eating disorders:

  • “Genuine awareness will help you avoid judgemental or mistaken attitudes about food.

  • Challenge the thin ideal.

  • Decide to avoid judging others and yourself on the basis of weight or body shape.

  • Talk about it.

  • Be a model of healthy self-esteem and body image.

  • Chose to talk about yourself in a positive manner and recognize that others pay attention and learn from the way you talk about yourself.

  • Take action.

  • Be a critical viewer of the media and its messages about  self-esteem and body image.”