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Krampus is Coming to Town

posted Dec 9, 2015, 9:55 AM by Unknown user
Have you been good this year? If you haven’t, you better watch out for the Christmas Devil.  This character, better known as Krampus, is a fictional German creature known for showing up around Christmas time to swat naughty kids with birch sticks to whip them into shape. The movie “Krampus” is based on this creature.

Krampus is also known as the Anti-St. Nicholas. He is a horned, black-haired, and fanged creature. Krampus is a terrifying creature made from other mythological creatures. Like satyrs, he is misshapen and deformed in many ways to strike fear into people’s hearts, especially naughty children. Folklore states that he would swat wicked children and then hide them away in his lair.

The movie “Krampus” was amazing. It captured the full sense of Krampus and what the legend is all about. The movie had a really good back story, and the ending was perfect too. It all tied together in the spirit of what Christmas is really about. I would definitely recommend that people watch “Krampus.” It’s funny and a little scary, but not too much. It shows that if you are ungrateful, instead of being visited by good ol’ Saint Nick, you will be visited by Krampus, so if you’re into that type of Christmas movie, it’s perfect for you.

The movie is a little different from the German folk tale, but for the most part they got the jist of it down. Based on the ending alone, you should definitely see it.