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Netflix’s “The Open House” flops

posted Mar 14, 2018, 9:52 AM by Unknown user


    Familiar with Netflix’s previous successes in original films and shows, I was eager to see the newest horror film released on Jan. 19, “The Open House”, starring Netflix’s very own “Thirteen Reasons Why” star Dylan Minnette. Although it offered a few jump scares and had me on edge, the lack of plot depth and character development made
it very disappointing.

    The film focuses on newly widowed mother Naomi Wallace (Piercey Dalton), her son, Logan (Minnette), and their recent move to a relative’s house that is on the market. After the first open house, ominous events begin to take place in the house, including missing personal items and shadows throughout the house. This leads to the audience wondering if a visitor never left. Eventually, both Logan and his mother are murdered in an almost humorous killing spree by a man that is never revealed.

    If you’re simply looking for a scary movie to get your heart racing and leave you with the heebie jeebies, then this movie might meet those requirements. Personally, I prefer horror movies that include a well-thought-out storyline and a sense of closure in the end. This movie definitely didn’t do that for me. It leaves the audience wondering if the murderer was a random visitor, the plumber, the deranged neighbor’s husband who may or may not be dead (again, unclear), or even Logan himself.

    The acting was okay and the jump scares were mediocre, but the scattered plot and unclear ending did not leave me with a good impression. Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a reasonable 14%, and I give it a two out of five cardinal heads.