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"This Is Us" impresses America

posted Dec 6, 2016, 8:42 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 6, 2016, 8:44 AM ]

After NBC’s “Parenthood” ended in January 2015, I was devastated. I was sure that no other TV show could compete with its tear-jerking scenes and heart-touching storyline. Then, when NBC announced its new show “This Is Us”, my eye was caught. The series premiered on Sept., 20, and I made sure not to miss it. It certainly did not disappoint.

    "This Is Us” follows the life of four mid-30 year olds, who all have much different lives, but happen to share birthdays. You are introduced to Jack and his wife Rebecca-who’s pregnant with triplets-and their new move into their Pittsburgh home. You also meet Kevin and Kate, twins whom have very different lifestyles. Kevin is a TV star who is tired of his sitcom role and Kate is obese and determined to lose the weight. The fourth is Randall, a successful black man with two little girls and a wife, Beth.

The show takes an unexpected turn when Rebecca goes into labor and they reveal that Jack and Rebecca’s lives take place in the 80s, Rebecca is the biological mother of Kevin and Kate and that they had lost a third baby. In the first hours of their new parenthood, a baby left at a fire station is brought into the hospital, and Jack and Rebecca, who had been planning on having three babies, take him in. This baby is Randall.

Going from present to past, the lives of parents Jack and Rebecca and children Kevin, Kate and Randall unfold. Through tears, both of joy and sadness, laughs and large amounts of drama, I have become attached to the characters and hooked to the TV show. Rotten Tomatoes gave “This Is Us” a rating of 92% and it received an 8.8/10 on IMDb. It deserves these ratings and I also give it a high rating of five out of five cardinal heads.