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What is the price you would pay to make your voice heard?

posted Jan 22, 2016, 9:28 AM by Unknown user
Based on a true story, the new movie “Concussion” (starring Will Smith) is a dramatic story of the life of Dr. Bennet Omalu, who investigated the dangers of playing football, one of the most loved games in America. According to Bio.com, he did his research on former Pittsburgh Steelers player Mike Webster. After Webster’s autopsy came back fine, Dr.Omalu decided to do an independent and self-financed tissue analysis. The results were shocking. He found tau proteins (an abundance of neurons in the central nervous system). These tau proteins affected his mood, emotions, and executive functions, also known as cognitive process, and can contribute to Alzheimer’s. This is far from the end of Dr. Omalu’s adventure.

I was more than impressed with how the film was made, and the acting was phenomenal. In my opinion, this is a movie that you don’t want to miss. I wasn’t expecting the movie to be as thrilling as it was because it’s based on a doctor's finding, but the story of how everything came about and the events that unraveled in 2002-2007 was actually quite intriguing.  It really opened up my eyes to how dangerous one of the most loved games in America is and the risk that each player is taking to play the game they love. There are risks in every game, but Dr. Omalu’s findings were remarkable and a huge red flag.

Dr. Omalu struggled throughout his career to prove his findings over and over again, not because they were inaccurate, but because no one wanted to believe the facts. This movie portrayed his life and the struggle he went through to make known the dangers of American football. He didn’t give up on his research, even when everyone was telling him he was wrong and to throw in the towel. He believed everyone should know the dangers of the game, and he didn’t stop until his voice was heard. I give this movie # out of 5 Cardinals.