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A Start of the Tennis Season

posted Sep 21, 2016, 8:38 AM by Unknown user

Every day after school, the tennis girls are practicing and trying to improve so they can be successful this year. So far this season, the girls tennis team has had a home JV and varsity meet, and they've also traveled other places.

Freshman and varsity doubles player Karlee Osner said she really enjoys tennis so far.

“We didn’t have tennis in middle school, so it’s fun getting to play tennis now,” Osner said.

Osner plays doubles most of the time with senior Taylor May.

“I enjoy playing doubles more than singles because I’d rather win with somebody than win by myself,” Osner said.

Sophomore and JV doubles player Sammie Osner is playing her first year of tennis as well.

“I’ve really liked tennis so far; it’s a very fun sport,” Sammie said.

Sammie and her doubles partner, freshman Nicole Campbell, have placed first in two meets.

Junior and singles player Jera Wolke is also playing tennis this year.

“We are doing very well this year so far, and we will keep improving,” Wolke said.

At the home tennis meet, sophomores, Leslie Mies and Molly Schmanke play a doubles match. Photo by Marcus Smith.