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Starting next year, students have the option for both dance and cheer

posted Apr 19, 2017, 9:09 AM by Unknown user

This year’s dance tryouts were very competitive since there were 18 girls trying out. The girls had been practicing for a week, going through the routine over and over every day. There was some tough competition, especially since there were many girls who already had some experience.

Dance tryouts were March 17 in the high school gym. Next year’s dancers will be juniors Cassie Brozovich, Rianna Morris, and Jera Wolke; sophomores Makenzie Curry, Audrey Doffing, and Leah Reep; freshmen Kelly Doffing, Madison Pauly, and Amy Zoglmann; and eighth grades Karlie Biehler and Lizzy Curry.  

“I am pretty excited for next year,” Audrey said. “I decided to do dance again this year because I really like dancing. I plan on doing it every year if I can.”

Cheer tryouts will be held on April 27 in the high school gym. This is the first year students can try out for both cheer and dance.

“This will be my fourth year in dance, and I am super excited for it,” Morris said. “I was in youth cheer when I was little and was in middle school cheer for one year. I think it may be a little stressful trying to balance both dance and cheer, if I get in, at first. But once I get used to it it’ll be easier. I am really hoping we could make the squads more intertwined next year.”